Our All Time Favourite Products & The Story Behind Them

After 8 years of Fat Pom Poms, it's safe to say I have a few favourite items. The items that shaped by business and propelled it towards everything it is now! Most of them have unique stories behind them so I wanted to share how following the smallest hint of creativity can catapult your creative business.


Pom Pom Crown

This crown was the first proper headband I made in a collection. When I went on holiday to Cyprus, my boyfriend's check-in bag acted as a courier for the collection and with my best friend in tow to model I set about photographing my newest collection at the time. My best friend was more than happy to model as we’ve been modelling for each other's projects since our GCSE art days in school! Ever since then we have collaborated on every photo shoot I’ve done.

I've only updated the pom pom crown once and it was to slightly change one of the Pom Poms patterns. Other than that they've been the exact same since 2015 and it's more popular than ever before!

Large terrazzo waste-free tray

My favourite tray, so much so that I kept one back for myself to use in my product photos!

I love the off-white and random colours of the waste resin inside as this is where my waste-free collection began. I had no idea what I was doing, but it came out perfect in my opinion.

It came about after one, especially messy, resin day when I started peeling back the resin I'd spilt on grease-proof paper I use to protect my desk. I asked my friend who was helping me that day to pass me one of my tray moulds from the shelf. I started placing the bits of resin I'd picked off of the paper and placed them in the mould. Next, I mixed up a milky translucent pigment in clear resin and poured it over them. We were so excited to see the result and I have to say I remoulded before it had fully set (Rookie error!!) but I’ve kept the tray to this day as a reminder if you have a small thought in your head, go for it!! 

Multicolour Pom Pom Hoops

My friend encouraged me to try making Pom Pom hoops in 2015 when there were no Pom Poms on hoops on Etsy, so I gave it a try. After making my first few, I knew I was onto something

I sent a couple of pairs to the fabulous Twinks Burnett for the festival season which gave me a chance to get some great pictures of them. They are total statement earrings so not for the faint-hearted and perfect for the festival season.

My friend even bumped into someone at a festival in Australia who was wearing a pair! 



Pink & Green Tassel Earrings

Our pink and green tassel earrings were only supposed to be for the Christmas season but, they were so popular I kept them on and they are still just as popular all year round! They are one of my favourite styles of earrings to remake and I’ve brought out so I've added several different colour ways of them now.

Tinsel Wreath

My tinsel pom pom wreath changed my business in 2019.

I was approached by Etsy and they commissioned me to make one for one of their newsletters. The only catch was that it had to be made and delivered to them in New York in 3 days' time! Despite the tight turnaround and the sleepless night to get it finished I managed to get an express courier the next day.

They took gorgeous pictures of it and put it up on their trends forecast for Christmas.. Suddenly, on the night I was launching my Christmas collection I started getting insane traffic to my site from America. Orders started coming in for wreaths every few minutes which had never happened before!

Each wreath takes at least 4-6 hours to make so I had a massive job on my hands! I enlisted the help of my friend Hetty and we worked tirelessly, when she went home I’d work into the early hours of the morning and then get up with my then 1 year old in the morning. It was a crazy time!!

Tinsel Wreath Craft Kit

I realised their were people who would have loved to purchase one of my handmade wreaths, however it wasn’t in their budget. So, in response to this our DIY kit was born!

Packed with the best of the best materials, plenty of wool (to leave room for experimentation... and mistakes) and high quality tools, our kits sold out in their first release. That was over 100 orders, all 2kg each! The rainbow colourway is by far your guys favourite, I get why trust me!

Pink & Gold Tinsel Earrings 

The product that will always have a special place in my heart are the earrings that catapulted my brand, my pink and gold tinsel earrings 🥰⁠

I sent them to Fearne Cotton's agent on the off chance they'd make it to her. She not only wore them but she also made a post wearing them just before Christmas. I was pregnant with no money and suddenly I had 50 orders to make in the space of a week—all of which I had to get sent off in time before the last post closed for Christmas. I enlisted my nan and her sister to help me, and we got it all done between us. That was when I realised I could succeed in my business after worrying I'd have to go back to my old job. ⁠

Thanks to those earrings, I was able to take my business to the next level and haven't looked back since!⁠

Wavy Resin Trays on the studio desk with a shelf of Yarn behind

Waste-free Wavy Trays

One of my newest products, our waste-free wavy trays show how far I've come with learning how to use and create with resin. The shape is really funky and unlike the standard trinket tray shapes and the best part is that they look different from every angle! Making a super eye catching, totally unique piece for your home.


Every product I have made has a special place in my heart but these are just a few of the ways my products and doing what I love has changed my life!

Thank you for you support, always!

Jess xx

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Hi can you tell me where you buy your wool on uk for pompoms.i love the colours thanks maureen Jones xx

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